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Entry #25

Hey Everybody!

2008-06-13 19:11:19 by HomicidalGuitarNinja

The job is going good, Me, Homicidal, and Ninja have started a band with two other people and that is really cool. Here was an idea for band stuff, the name sucks I know, it's just that all of us have different music interests but it's all rock and I thought the one thing involving almost all rock was Satan so I just crapped the name out of my brain. I was thinking of making an Awesome movie (hopefully without butchering the entire series) but don't know which game to do. I might not even do it since we are bad animators, our artistic genius is more of a musical thing, considering we are all in band class and have a band but, hell I might as well give this site one more try. Here's the concept I made, which is heavily inspired by our obsession for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

Hey Everybody!


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2008-07-20 02:26:37

good luck with your band!